Bryson Mcclure



  • CrossFit Level 1


Bryson enjoyed playing all different kinds of sports and being active while growing up. He was very overweight when he was younger so his mom encouraged him to participate in physical activities, Some he really enjoyed and others not so much.

From elementary to High scool Bryson played; Football, basketball, soccer, Boxing, and baseball almost every season. Though he was very active he was still overweight. 

   Around his junior year Bryson began focusing on boxing and was quite happy with the results he saw. He went from weighing 275 to 255lbs withing a few months. One day, his mom, who was very happy for her son asked if he wanted to try a crossFit bootcamp class with her. Bryson was reluctant to try it, but his mom can be very convincing. So, he tried it the next week and fell in love with it. He then signed up for the 8 week program and began seeing results that he never thought he would. In just a few months Bryson was now weighing 210lbs, the lightest and healthiest hes been since 6th grade. He then joined JonesN4CrossFit and after a year of training and putting in tons of work the coaches at JN4 offered Bryson a coaching position. Of course he accepted the position and later went on to earn his CrossFit level 1 certificate!