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Shelby Jones




  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Endurance

  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting

  • CrossFit Strongman

  • CrossFit Mobility

  • CrossFit Judge

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • OPEX CCP In Process

  • Jones N4 Barbell President (Official USAW Barbell Club)

A native to San Antonio, Shelby has been involved in sports and fitness for most of his life. From sales at your globo gym to personal training, Shelby was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 and was hooked from WOD 1. After CrossFitting for 2 years, Shelby started training out of his garage for a year until he could afford rent in a storefront location. From there it’s been a snowball effect trying to bring CrossFit to the community. Always looking to better himself and everyone around him, he is constantly looking for ways to improve through classes or courses or getting hands on. Shelby has held certifications from The Cooper Institute, A.C.E., A.F.A.A., and is continuing his education with O.P.T. currently being an on journey CCP. He is always looking for higher learning in his field to provide better value and service to all of the members at Jones N4 CrossFit.