Avoiding Toxic Groceries

When trying to encourage a healthy lifestyle, it is important to eliminate toxic groceries that do not contribute to your goals. In this blog, we discuss five hot tips that will help you in controlling your buying habits when it comes to meal prepping.

TIP #1

Plan ahead! Make a list of the meals you are prepping that week. Planning ahead will keep you from wasting time at the store and from buying junk food.

TIP #2

Our next tip in avoiding toxic groceries starts with you avoiding going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. We recommend you pre-game with a solid meal and hydrate with water!   

TIP #3

Stick to the parameter of the grocery store. Eat food in its most natural form like fruits, veggies, eggs, meats and fish, this requires the least amount of production and has the most nutrients. Items that have a short expiration date are typically not loaded with preservatives, added sugars and fats.

TIP #4

Practice reading ingredient labels not just nutrition labels, the fewer the ingredients the better.

TIP #5

The final tip is that the freezer section isn’t completely off limits. Frozen veggies can be just as nutritious as fresh veggies.

If you get tired of eating the same things, trade out one veggie or fruit every week for something you haven’t tried before. Be adventurous.

Want to avoid the grocery store all together? Kill the temptation of buying junk foods by checking out your local Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Markets offer varieties of fresh fruits, veggies and locally raised meats. https://www.localharvest.org/san-antonio-tx

Eat sustainably! Another great way to avoid the grocery store all together is joining your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA members pay in advance for a share of upcoming high-quality locally harvested produce. You purchase a box of seasonal certified organic produce, options range from small, medium or large boxes (depending on family size).

Reasonably priced fresh produce is then delivered to your local drop off location weekly or bi-weekly. Check out https://www.jbgorganic.com/csa for more information.