The Great Battle of the Diets

We see it all over the web, and there's no doubt that you’ve seen or heard someone touting how they are either superior because of the way they eat, or their diet is better because well, it fuels them better. 

Honestly there is no one size fits all. People get butt hurt and come to words on this subject all the time. I recently got berated for commenting on a well-known fitness figures ad on Facebook for hi diet template sell. Stating how it was full of industry secrets and would embarrass us all. AKA click bait! 

We think one of the reasons people get so heated on this subject is the emotional connection, or they actually use the diet as part of their identity. We have people that love red meat and eat in excess to fuel themselves, which is fine they need it. Then we have people that don’t eat meat period, and that's fine. To each their own, and that's how we need to look at it. If it eats you up to consume animals then don’t, but don’t judge others that do, and vice versa. There's a reason for both. Who knows, each one of these individuals may change their diets completely eventually. 

The truth why there is such a great tension on the topic is honestly ignorance on both sides. WE identify and get emotional and take any criticism of the diet as a personal attack. Is it really fair or intelligent to judge someone by the food they choose to eat? Do you know why they choose to eat the way they do? 

The ignorance from both sides both has some merit and inaccuracies. Vegans may think that meat eaters are animal haters, and meat eaters may think that vegans are self righteous douchers. Either way, finding what works best for you as long as you are healthier, happier, and performing better (if that is a goal) is what matters. 

Which ever side you’re coming from, our best advice here at Jones N4 Crossfit is be sure to do your research. Many of our guests are meat eaters, so we've been doing some research on the subject. We feel that the need to supplement when you can eat whole foods that are produced in a humane and sustainable manner, is not a big deal. Vegans don’t and we're fine with that. We don’t judge them because everybody is different. 

So many times you also hear, i tried this diet and i got sick, or i failed, or it was horrible, or i could only do it for a week. Most of the time this means that the person was unprepared, did it wrong, or didn’t stick it out long enough. This is really easy to do with the amount of nonsense being put out everyone now as far as diets go. 

Too much too fast. Eating a huge deficit really quickly, or vice versa huge increase in caloric intake too quickly, eating too much processed crap, or just not eating enough balanced meals are all examples of too much, too fast!  

The best diet is one that you can sustain for a lifetime, that the Earth can sustain for a lifetime, and that makes you feel better, look better, and perform better. We must educate ourselves on what that is for us, and take the politics out of it. 

WE are at the core -- all in this together. We are all human beings, and we are all here for the same purpose. Support one another. Listen, learn, and don’t be critical and judgmental. Take the politics out of it, be open, be kind, and stop fighting about whats right and wrong. Much like politics it is just dividing us even more. 

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