KidsFit at JonesN4CrossFit

KidsFit at JonesN4CrossFit is more than just kids working out; it is a safe place for the kids to be their wacky, goofy selves! It’s a time of day the kids look forward to after a long day at school. It’s a place where their opinions matter and their voices are heard. We listen to the activities they like and the workouts they enjoy. We teach and reinforce the functional movements of everyday life, but we do it in a fun way that keeps their attention.

A typical KidsFit class starts with a discussion with the kids sharing what they are currently learning in school. This gives the kids an opportunity to release some of their talkative notions, learn how to talk in front of groups, and relate to others in class over similar topics. From there we move into an active fun-based warm up game. This gets the kids ready for their workout in a way that doesn’t seem like its own workout typically found in adult CrossFit classes. After the warm up we have our technical portion of class where the kids learn, practice, and perfect their movements whether it’s squats, deadlifts, pushups, rope climbs, and even clean and jerks. From techniques we move into a short metcon, which will incorporate the technical movement for the day and some other less intense movements that they are familiar with. This is set up in a manner that gets their heart rate up. After the metcon we finish with a game that is strictly for fun. This is the most important part of class! If nothing else, always make sure to get to the game! Remember that they are in class to have fun, not to feel like they are in boot camp!

At JonesN4CrossFit in San Antonio we value our kiddos and do our best to make KidsFit a fun, safe environment. Something they are excited for after school where they can hang out with friends, play games, and learn important ways to lead healthy lives. If you’re gym does not already have a kids program, my advice for you is don’t wait any longer!